Stuart Burne: A Retrospective

Ucheldre Centre
18 November 2017 - 16 January 2018

Welcome to this retrospective exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints by

Stuart James Burne

This exhibition is open until the 16 January 2018

Stuart says:

These selected works span over a decade and are all influenced by the one square mile surrounding Holyhead.


Living and growing up on Holy Island has influenced my response to the landscape. I remember the de-industrialization of the town’s buildings, structures and machines which has had a subconscious influence on my creative practice. As a youngster I worked as roofer with my father and this provided a different perspective of looking at the landscape. Whilst roofing we’d use various materials such as bitumen, felt, wood and plastic to layer a roof; later on I would use these materials in my artistic practice.


Starting my career and self-directed practice as an artist I enrolled onto a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Coleg Menai 2003-04 and then completing my BA (Hons) Fine Art 2004-09 at Coleg Menai. It was during this time I experimented with materials such as bitumen to create the abstracts, works and briefs allocated to us. This practice was captured on TV programme Byd O Liw in 2006 presented by Osi Rhys Osmond (Available to watch on YouTube).


Drawing and mark making has been an integral approach in the work and also the importance of looking whilst drawing increases your observation and discipline towards the subject matter. Hours of observation in the life drawing room helped  sharpen my ability to draw better. Alongside drawing I’ve worked closely with printmaking, which strengthened my mark making techniques and helped me understand a completely new practice in print. Dry point etching and carborundum printmaking brings various depths to the subject matter, also the smell of oil based inks preparing aluminium/copper plates resonates with early experiences, and the hard work is rewarded by the finished image.


During the last five years I’ve developed a new perspective, bringing in more figurative images, and the influences of the ships that sail between Holyhead and Dublin and the trains that leave the port.  Inspired by Art Deco and the Pre-Raphaelite movement I’ve been observing how people relax and reflect on the North Wales coast including recreational activities; a theme I’m continuing to explore.


My work has been exhibited in Texas, USA, and is now in a number of private collections in the USA and UK. I have sneaked in a few images from my American series.



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